RBoT NGR Public Inquiry

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An inquiry will ensure that lessons are learned in terms of procurement so that taxpayers money is not wasted in purchasing of services and products by government that does not comply with legislation.

We want the true facts and circumstances brought into the clear light of day so the monumental botch that this project represents is not repeated.

A major project failure such as the New Generation Rollingstock's non compliance for the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and Disability Standards Accessible Public Transport (DSAPT) simply cannot be swept under the carpet.  It is essential a thorough and independent inquiry to into all circumstances is achieved so that failure on this scale never occurs again.

Government of the day must ensure external reference groups which TMR and QR conduct are given the respect they deserve in that messages from them are duly considered.

Key Questions:
    1. Why were non DDA non DSAPT compliant trains ordered? It has been a requirement since 2002 for new passenger rollingstock to be compliant.
    2. Why was the order reduced from 100 to 75 six car trains?
    3. Who signed off on the design?
    4. Was Queensland Rail consulted on design of the new trains?
    5. When did the ‘ State of Queensland ‘ first know they had acquired non compliant trains?
    6. Why did it take till September 2017 for an application for a temporary exemption be made to AHRC when Disability Advocates and others had been warning of accessibility issues since 2015?
    7. Who decided that new non compliant trains could be used on the network without the protection of an exemption? Did the Queensland Rail Board approve of this action?